"It is so important that we elect Judges that understand the complexities of the Family Court system." KDV

Kristine is a dedicated attorney who wants to make a positive impact on families and children. She has the passion, heart, and experience to help guide you through the complexities of the Family Court system and make difficult decisions when necessary. Elect Kristine for Family Court Judge and put her experience to work for you.

Why Choose Kristine for Family Court Judge

Choosing the right Family Court Judge is crucial for families going through difficult situations. Kristine has the experience of working as an attorney in the Family Court system, allowing her to understand the complexities of the system. In addition, Kristine has a heart for helping families and children, and will approach each case with compassion and understanding. By choosing Kristine as your next Family Court Judge, you can be confident that your case will be handled with care and expertise.

In Kristine's vision, trauma-informed judges are not only knowledgeable about the legal aspects of family matters but also possess a deep understanding of the effects of trauma on families.

Kristine's Vision for the Family Court System

These judges approach their work with compassion, empathy, and sensitivity, always keeping in mind the potential trauma experienced by the court participants. They strive to create a safe and supportive environment within the courtroom, where families can feel heard, validated, and understood.

With her extensive experience, Kristine understands the complexities and emotionally driven challenges that families face within the court system. She knows that the decisions made in family court can have a lasting impact on the lives of parents and, most importantly, their children.

Kristine believes that family court judges must prioritize the wellbeing of the whole family and make informed decisions that promote healing, growth, and positive outcomes.

Kristine is the right choice for Family Court Judge because of her extensive experience in family law and her compassionate approach to helping families and children. She has a deep understanding of the emotionally driven challenges of Family Court cases and has the experience to help families and children through them. Kristine is committed to making the difficult decisions when necessary to ensure that families and children receive the best possible outcome.

Why Kristine for Family Court Judge

Experience. Compassionate. Justice. Integrity.

#Putting Families First in the Family Court System

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